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Did Anybody Say Tapas?
Spanish omelette, croquettes, Russian salad... A typical Spanish variety! Taste the most traditional flavors of our country. You will be delighted!
Try the Best Paella in Town!
Enjoy the authentic taste of Spain with our perfectly cooked and seasoned paella, made with traditional ingredients and cooking techniques.
Don't Miss Out on the Ultimate Paella Experience!
Mikki's Paella offers you the ultimate paella experience, with a unique blend of ingredients, perfectly cooked rice, and a mouth-watering aroma that will leave you wanting more

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Welcome to Mikki’s Paella, where you can experience the authentic taste of Spain in every dish. Our catering specializes in the traditional Valencian dish of paella, made with the freshest ingredients and cooked to perfection. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two or a lively evening with friends and family, Mikki’s Paella has the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Come join us and savor the flavors of Spain at Mikki’s Paella.

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We bring Spanish culture closer to you

Our menu will make your mouth water. We don’t lie! Take a look at the authentic Spanish essence. A different paella for every day!

We are very happy to share our culture and our love for paella with your community

From the first bite you take of our paellas and tapas, you will understand why Spanish gastronomy is one of the most appreciated in the world. We use fresh products of the highest quality, and our priority is that you are satisfied. Dare to try the best paella in Sydney!

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Our Paellas

We provide genuine and elaborated dishes cooked following Spanish traditional recipes. Bringing a healthy and tasty option to the customers, while sharing part of my culture with them.

The Original

Valencian Paella

The classic paella from Valencia, Spain, made with Bomba rice, saffron, chicken, green beans, and a variety of other ingredients.

The healthy

Vegan Paella

A delicious and healthy alternative to traditional paella, made with Bomba rice, saffron, and a variety of vegetables, including asparagus.

The Popular

Seafood Paella

A flavorful and aromatic seafood dish made with Bomba rice, saffron, a mix of seafood and fish, and a variety of other ingredients, giving it a delicious taste.

Tapas & More

Spanish tradition with our own touch

In order to guarantee your well-being and that of our team, we have intensified sanitation and cleanliness protocols, from the moment you place your order until delivery to your home or establishment, so that you only have to worry about delighting your family and friends with the most exquisite signature paellas at home.